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As a real estate professional, you know how beneficial staging is to sell a home. It helps potential home buyers see the property as a home rather than an empty space. However, staging a home can involve a lot of time and effort that you may want to devote to other tasks or responsibilities. That’s where real estate virtual staging comes in. Unlike traditional staging, real estate virtual staging allows you to stage a home without bringing in actual furniture or décor.

Real Estate Virtual Staging 101

Real estate virtual staging works by utilizing special technology to place realistic 3D images into pictures of empty rooms and properties. Today, many home buyers prefer to do most of their home touring virtually, as it is more convenient and conducive to a busy lifestyle. High-quality pictures and virtual tours are important for successfully selling a home virtually, and staged photos and tours are more appealing than empty ones. Real estate virtual staging allows your real estate company to adapt to a shifting preference without going through the physical, in-person staging process.

As with any other services, some real estate virtual staging services are better than others. Poorly done virtual staging isn’t effective at selling homes, so you’ll want to work with professionals that know what they’re doing. Here at Skyview Media, we are experts in the latest real estate virtual staging technology and are equipped to help you sell properties with our photography, videography, and virtual staging, so call us today if you want to benefit from our real estate media services.


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